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Salute to Supernatural, Vancouver || Chad Lindberg

If you want to explore issues related to horror, be it cinematography, literature or other art projects, buy sociology papers at https://essaysworld.net/custom-sociology-essay-writing-service dive in and enjoy comfortable and understandable texts. You know what I love about Chad Lindberg? He’s a down-to-earth, no pretense, cool as hell dude.  And he’s interesting as all Hell too.  Chad’s had quite a career staring in many popular TV series and some fantastic films.  

Chad is in one of my favorite remakes of a cult classic I Spit On Your Grave.  This film is definitely not for those who have issues with violence against women or grizzly on-screen violence and horror.  I loved it.  In particular, Chad’s performance in the film is incredible.  He takes on one of the most challenging roles an actor can face and plays a man with a mental disability.  It’s remarkable.  I recommend it for his performance alone but the film is a fantastic remake.

While at Vancon this past weekend Chad brought with him some of the gear that he uses in his “other” job as a ghost hunter.  I’ve never seen a convention room fall quite as silent as it did when Chad captured some distinct voice messages from a “spirit”.  Very eerie.

Those of us in attendance were lucky enough to hear from Chad parents.  They were obviously proud of their son and it was great to see them up to their eyeballs in fans who adore their son and his talent! that’s gotta be a good feeling.


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