Things I’ve Learned From Matt Cohen

Charlotte Kinzie || Nanaimo, BC For the past several years I've been fortunate enough to interview Matt Cohen at Creation's Salute to Supernatural Convention in Vancouver.  It's not always easy to get an interview with past cast members but Matt seems to always make time for fans. You may know Matt from his brief stint... Continue Reading →


“Hated” || A Film Powered By Women

Maria Lorenzo is one of the women behind the film "Hated".  Maria is, in fact, one of the writers and much of the story in the film is based on different events that happened to her throughout her career.  It's always interesting to be able to speak to the writer of a project - it's where it... Continue Reading →

Interview: Ellen Woglum in “Hated”

I've made no secret of that fact that I love "Hated". It's a great film; it combines two of my favorite things - a damn good story and music. But there's something else that is pretty great about "Hated"; it centers on the story of a woman. Now, more than ever, a film like this... Continue Reading →

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