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Salute To Supernatural, Vancouver || Rob, Dick & Matt

There is a chemistry between these three men that only comes from friendship.  Richard Speight Jr. (Gabriel on Supernatural), Rob Benedict (God/Chuck on “Supernatural”) and Matt Cohen (Michael/Young John Winchester on “Supernatural”) maybe have had slightly smaller roles on “Supernatural” than the stars but they were memorable.

Any panel that puts these three actors on stage together is bound to be funny as hell and near impossible to photograph.  At one point during the panel a fan asked if they would stand still so she could take a good photo; this prompted one actor to circle the stage quickly while another broke into a jog on the spot.  Yes.  That is what you get when you ask these talented men a question; perhaps, the opposite of what you wanted but amusing none-the-less.

Their main theme for the panel seemed to be poor Rob’s lake of smooth skill when it came to women.  Rob himself re-enacted the stuttering way he asked his wife to marry him.  (Not sure there would be many who would turn him down).  Matt spent a lot of time wandering through the audience to make sure that the “cheap seats” could get visits.  Richard was the all around entertainer and showman that we’ve come to expect.


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