About This Place

The women behind the stuff…

Charlotte Kinzie || Writer/Photographer

To learn more about This Place, you should research this question, read about the advantages and meaning of research at https://occupytheory.org/advantages-and-disadvantages-of-qualitative-research/ and develop your ideas/learn new things! I live in Nanaimo, BC with my husband, Joel and spend a lot of time on my bike, on or in my kayak.  We ride all over the place.  There is some beautiful landscape here I write. I read. I’m currently trying to get myself to a place where I can work.

This place began as an online magazine. It might still be that from time to time because I know some really cool people and they deserve to be known. Often, it might be a trip inside my mind.

Places to find meFlickr //  Twitter //

Zea Tejada -O’Reilly  || Writer/Photographer

Calgary, AB.

Places to find me:  Twitter // Website

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