Hawksley Workman Tour Hits Victoria

I have seen Hawksley Workman four times. Each performance I've seen has been better than the last. For that reason, it shouldn't have surprised me that the most recent tour to support his newest record Old Cheetah was the best show yet. Workman isn't going to be found onstage lip-synching, he's unlikely to play a pop song (Although... Continue Reading →


Exclusive: Brian Buckley Talks About The Cover Art For Forthcoming Album

On Monday, October 13, 2014, fans of the Brian Buckley Band were treated to a tease for the band's forthcoming album in the form of the CD Cover art. The understated yet impactful cover image was designed by Melissa Constandse. In a slight departure from the covers of the previous three albums, there's a lightness... Continue Reading →

Stageit: Going Acoustic With Brian Buckley

If you can't get to a live show but you really want to see what an artist is like when performing live - Stageit is an absolute must.  In short, Stageit allows musicians to put on live streaming video shows for viewers around the world.  A service like this provides some great opportunities on both... Continue Reading →

A Conversation With Brian Buckley (Part 02)

The Brian Buckley band is one of the best bands I've ever heard live. They're true performers. They love music. You can see that while they're onstage. Sometimes, they lose themselves in what they're playing and it's as though they've forgotten there's an audience. Sometimes, they're so engaged with the crowd that it's like being... Continue Reading →

A Conversation With Brian Buckley (part 01)

Last week, I drove about twenty-eight hours, through three states in four days to Los Angeles. Crazy right? Not really. It was where the Brian Buckley Band was having their CD release party.  I'd wanted to see the band perform live ever since I'd seen Brian solo in Vancouver.  With some help from a friend,... Continue Reading →

“American Standards” Signs With “We Are Triumphant”

You might not think it... but I've taken in my share of death metal, hardcore punk, speed metal - you name it.  Over the years the labels change but the sound is still there.  I've been front of stage for SNFU, Kentucky Church Bus, Hudson Mack, Sofa Kingdom and many others.  I've got a scar... Continue Reading →

“Hated” Is More Than a Film About Music

What is about music that gets us so worked up? We will line up for hours to see it live, we'll save for weeks to buy it, and we'll try to get autographs from the people who write and play it. We support our favorite bands passionately and we will drive hundreds of miles for... Continue Reading →

Review: “Without Injuring Eternity” by the Brian Buckley Band

I can still remember the first song that caught my attention when I was a kid. It was "My Sweet Lord" by George Harrison. Not a usual choice for a kid I think, but music has always been a big thing in my family. There was something about that song that hit me hard though.... Continue Reading →

Cover Art Released For New Brian Buckley Band CD

  Dancer, Jessie Douglas-Smith transformed by make-up artist, Cristin Haught for the cover of the upcoming  release "Without Injuring Eternity". The new album from the Brian Buckley band will be available on October 16, 2012  

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