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What Happens After? || A New Web Series

Ivan Hayden is a bit of a visionary.  He’s also full of energy, has a wicked sense of humor and a genuine love for his field of work.  It’s contagious. Remember “Divine:The Series“? Amazing piece of work that you should see if you haven’t.  Well, a lot of the creative minds behind “Divine” have spawned … Continue reading

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The Possession: Don’t Listen to the Naysayers

There are a lot of films released each year that, some may say, are “horror films”.  Most of the “scary” flicks that are around are slasher films; the kind of gore-fest that’s certainly got a place.  I’m a bit of a purist when it comes to the darker side of film.  Give me a good … Continue reading

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It Got Very hot, I had Company & We were crazy

My friend Zea took a bus for 10 hours to come up and visit.  We’ve been friends since photo school and always have a blast together. We were particularly crazy this time and decided to hop in the car and go down to Vancouver for the day.  Yes, drive five hours there and then do … Continue reading


Jared Padalecki: Some Quiet Time

At the Creation Salute to Supernatural Convention I was lucky enough to attend the meet and greet session with Jared Padalecki. One small room, twenty people, Jared Padalecki, two security guards and one convention staff person equals one meet and greet.  The great thing about the meet and greet atmosphere is that it’s quieter.  There’s … Continue reading