Angels of Music by Kim Newman – A Twist of Gothic Supernatural Mystery with a touch of “Jane” Bond

Okay, this book is fun. Kim Newman is well-known for bringing his own, unique vision to many tales we may think we know well. "Angels of Music" is no exception to this. If you think this is about the Phantom of the opera, think again! The "Phantom", Erik, actually runs what one might consider to... Continue Reading →

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Blog Tour || Love Bites: Favourite Vampire Stories by Mark A. Latham

Love Bites: Favourite Vampire Stories Mark A Latham It’s no secret that The Iscariot Sanction introduces vampires – or the dreaded ‘wampyr’ – to the mythos of the Apollonian Casefiles. Wait… is it a secret? Maybe it is. Not any more! Like many people who’re into the strange and macabre side of fiction, I’ve read... Continue Reading →

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Review: The Gradual by Christopher Priest

This book is difficult to review. It's not that I am conflicted about it; I loved it. This story is a finely woven tapestry of the passing of time. What can I say? It's about time. It's about how we pass time and what happens when we lose time. It's about the time that we pass... Continue Reading →

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Book Review: Harsh Gods by Michelle Belanger

I thoroughly enjoyed "Conspiracy of Angels" by Michelle Belanger so I was delighted when I received a copy of "Harsh Gods". This novel is a "Novel of the Shadowside  and the second book about Zack Westland. Zack is an angel. He's not the kind of angel you might expect in a novel, in fact, he's... Continue Reading →

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Book Review: The Race by Nina Allan

The Race is a very interesting debut novel by Nina Allan. If you're a fan of Allan's short stories then you certainly won't be disappointed by this book.  What I found most intriguing about this novel is that it may read differently to different people: it all depends on what one is willing to put... Continue Reading →

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Book Review: “Duskfall” is Brilliant

"Duskfall" by Christopher Husberg has made me excited about reading again. It's time! I go through phases when I get a little disenchanted with what's out there to read. My dry spell is definitely over. I found myself looking forward to when I could read another chapter of "Duskfall". This is the most engaging and... Continue Reading →

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Jordan River

Some days I drive up to Jordan River, just because I can. Today was one of those days. It's not even a town anymore. It's skeletons of houses, signs that say tell people to stay out, and one determined cafe - "The Cold shoulder Cafe". The ocean is beautiful there.

Hell is Empty Blog Tour with Author, Conrad Williams

Origins I grew up in a semi-detached police house with Leonora, my police mum and Grenville, my police dad. They met while working together at Warrington police station. I had visions of them courting while doing a ton along the A49 in a panda car, chasing down crooks. By all accounts it was much more... Continue Reading →

Review: The Empress Game – Cloak of War

The second installment of the Empress Game trilogy opens with Kayla still trapped in her role as Princess Isolde. The battle she was needed to fight on the Princess' behalf is over but the war is just beginning. Kayla and IDC agent Malkor along with other agents are still trying to make sense of their... Continue Reading →

Photo: Late Summer in Nanaimo

Summer is disappearing quickly here in Nanaimo. The evenings are cooler, the sun sets earlier and there are leaves falling all around. I'm not ready to put the kayak away for another season. It can't be time.  

Review: Ghosts of War

The battle begun in "Virtues of War" may be on pause, but it definitely isn't over. "Ghosts of War" is the second installment in Bennett R. Coles' Virtues of War series. While the first book was hard-hitting right out of the gates, the second installment has a long fuse with a satisfying explosion at the... Continue Reading →

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