Scary Flicks: The Stranger (2014)

I'm always on the look out for films that take a worn out concept and breathe a little life back into it. "The Stranger" (2014) is a cool film with a great take on Vampires. It's not really a spoiler. If you've ever seen a film, watched a TV show or read a book about... Continue Reading →


Remember Windsor Drive?

Scary Flicks || Area 407

The movie: "Area 407" / Original title "Tape 407" Horror/Sci-Fi/ThrillerOfficial Rating: NRMy rating: 6/10The scoop:A plane full of people heading home for the holidays crashes. There is a kid on board obsessed with filming everything and that's exactly what she does while they survivors are... stalked. With no help coming for some strange reason, the passengers begin... Continue Reading →

Review: “My Amityville Horror” on DVD

In 1975, Danny Lutz was the little boy living in the Amityville house during the infamous haunting.  It's been a book, it's been more than one movie, "Amityville" is probably a household word.  Now, after almost 36 years, Danny Lutz has decided to tell his story about growing up in the famously "haunted" house. When... Continue Reading →

Wasted On the Young || Film Takes Bullying High Tech

It should be no secret to anyone who is ... alive ... that social media in 2013 can be just another vehicle for bullying.  There have been some high-profile cases in the media - one in my own province.  Cases about bullying that left the school ground and headed to the internet. When I was... Continue Reading →

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