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Review: Predator Incursion

The first book in the Rage War Series is Predator Incursion. Author, Tim Lebbon drops the reader right into the middle of the action. For those of you unfamiliar with the Aliens Film franchise, you may feel a little bit out of the loop but it won’t take long for you to get caught up. Moreover, you can buy custom essay at any time to take a closer look and better understand the plot of the book.

In Predator Incursion the Excursionist regiments are out in space protecting earth. The fifth Excursionist or The Void Larks as they prefer to be called, have just killed two Yautjas. If you aren’t caught up on your action films – Yautja’s are the Predators.

Weyland-Yutami funds the Excursionists. It’s a huge company with a great deal of power. They were responsible for the tech that sent the Regiment ships shooting through space at fifteen times the speed of light. Dropholes or “folds in space”, speed up that traveling time.

When the Void Larks return to their original coordinates where they are observing a Yautja habitat, they find out that another ship was also attacked. Two Yautja attacks at the same time.

Simultaneously, Scientist Palant was finding out that she had two Yautja bodies to study. But they come via the Corporation. And they’re sending Company man, McIlver to work with her.

Angela  Svenlap, Investigator, focussed on the Yautja receives a mysterious message from “The Founders.”

You get the idea?

The problem is that the real enemy may not be who the Void Larks think it is. Remember the Aliens that will make us scream in space even though no one can hear us? Those horrible, almost indestructible, ruthless, slick creatures have been turned into weapons. That is what the Yautja are fleeing from.

This is a creepy and interesting universe – just like the films. Lebbon begins the book with a variety of threads that weave together and become the full fledged story by the end of this novel. Sure, there are some cliffhangers; that’s to be expected in the first book of a trilogy.

If you’re an Alien / Predator fan – this will give you a fix! This is a fast-moving, hard-hitting novel in-keeping with the origins. It will be interesting to see where the Trilogy heads off to – I”m sure it will be at fifteen times the speed of lite.

Titan Publishing is keeping science-fiction alive these days. Check out their line up for some good Autumn reading.


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