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Angels of Music by Kim Newman – A Twist of Gothic Supernatural Mystery with a touch of “Jane” Bond

Okay, this book is fun. Kim Newman is well-known for bringing his own, unique vision to many tales we may think we know well. You can read about the specific perception and presentation, that is, the author's style, at you will be able to understand it better. “Angels of Music” is no exception to this. If you think this is about the Phantom of the opera, think again!

The “Phantom”, Erik, actually runs what one might consider to be the Gothic version of Charlie’s Angels. The book opens with a true triple threat: Christine, Trilby and Irene. All these women have unique skills that make them one part performer in the theatre and 99 parts hitwoman, detective and feminist-in-disguise. These three women are the first characters we meet who are part of the Opera Ghost Agency. They set the stage for the characters to come: they’re bold, strong, inventive and resourceful. And when the women find themselves in sticky situations, Erik is always lurking in the shadows to provide them with an exit strategy.

There are several stories contained within this entertaining story. Each story is set in a different time and new “Angels of Music” are the Opera Ghost’s envoys into the criminal and evil underworld in London. Surprisingly, even though these stitched together stories introduce a great many characters, as always, Kim Newman manages to flesh them all out and leave us with full-bodied characters.

If you’re familiar with his Newman’s work, you’ll definitely enjoy this. There’s no problem using this as a starting point for entering the world of Kim Newman. It’s a world unlike that of other writers. He deserves a genre all his own.

From Titan Books

Deep in the shadows under the Paris Opera House resides Erik the Phantom, mysteriously enduring through the decades as the mastermind behind a strange and secret agency. A revolving door of female agents are charged by wealthy Parisians and the French Government to investigate crimes and misdemeanours they would prefer to keep out of the public eye.
The toxic underbelly of Paris is exposed by Erik’s tenacious women operatives as they confront horror and corruption throughout the city. But it is one dreadful murder during the 1910 Great Flood of Paris that brings Irene Adler, Kate Reed and others together for a final, deadly confrontation.
  • ISBN: 9781781165683
  • Dimensions: 129 x 198 mm
  • Paperback: 416pp
  • Publication date: 4 October 2016
  • All authors:
    Kim Newman


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