Book Review: The Race by Nina Allan

The Race is a very interesting debut novel by Nina Allan. If you're a fan of Allan's short stories then you certainly won't be disappointed by this book.  What I found most intriguing about this novel is that it may read differently to different people: it all depends on what one is willing to put... Continue Reading →


Book Review: Visit “New Pompeii” For Intrigue

What if your passion was Roman history, Pompeii and Latin and you were offered a chance to be immersed in the culture? What if that culture was composed of actual Roman's because a company named NovusPart had begun to understand how to move people through time? Of course, you would go to work with NovusPart... Continue Reading →

Book Review: “Duskfall” is Brilliant

"Duskfall" by Christopher Husberg has made me excited about reading again. It's time! I go through phases when I get a little disenchanted with what's out there to read. My dry spell is definitely over. I found myself looking forward to when I could read another chapter of "Duskfall". This is the most engaging and... Continue Reading →

Hawksley Workman Tour Hits Victoria

I have seen Hawksley Workman four times. Each performance I've seen has been better than the last. For that reason, it shouldn't have surprised me that the most recent tour to support his newest record Old Cheetah was the best show yet. Workman isn't going to be found onstage lip-synching, he's unlikely to play a pop song (Although... Continue Reading →

Review: Predator Incursion

The first book in the Rage War Series is Predator Incursion. Author, Tim Lebbon drops the reader right into the middle of the action. For those of you unfamiliar with the Aliens Film franchise, you may feel a little bit out of the loop but it won't take long for you to get caught up.... Continue Reading →

Conspiracy Of Angels: Review

Today is a grand day because the novel Conspiracy of Angels is available. This book is the first installment in a trilogy by Michelle Belanger. You may recognize the author's name. In fact, you've probably seen her on CNN, A&E or The History Channel.  Belanger is a well-known and respected authority on Psychic and Supernatural... Continue Reading →

Scary Flicks: The Stranger (2014)

I'm always on the look out for films that take a worn out concept and breathe a little life back into it. "The Stranger" (2014) is a cool film with a great take on Vampires. It's not really a spoiler. If you've ever seen a film, watched a TV show or read a book about... Continue Reading →

Review: The Empress Game

 "The Empress Game" by Rhonda Mason is a great read. It's been a long time since I picked up a book and had to read through in only a few sittings because I didn't want to put it down. This is a book that will make you long for rainy days and free time to... Continue Reading →

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