Conspiracy Of Angels: Review

Today is a grand day because the novel Conspiracy of Angels is available. This book is the first installment in a trilogy by Michelle Belanger.

You may recognize the author’s name. In fact, you’ve probably seen her on CNN, A&E or The History Channel.  Belanger is a well-known and respected authority on Psychic and Supernatural events. She has appeared on Paranormal State. Aside from her television career, Belanger has also written some non-fiction books that may spark your interest.  The Dictionary of Demons, Walking the Twilight Path and The Psychic Vampire Codex are go-to sources in many communities.

What I happily discovered while reading Conspiracy of Angels is that Belanger has a talent for story-telling. A warning! If you’re like me and a bit put off by the first person narrative – give this one a chance! I liked being trapped inside Zack’s head as it meant I was along on the journey with him as he discovers he had psychic skills, hidden powers and a lot of secrets.

The first book in this series introduces us to Zack Westland. He has awakened on the shores of Lake Erie with no memory of what happened to him, in fact, he can’t even remember his own life. With no idea who he is, Zack heads off to Club Heaven because there was a business card for the place in his motorcycle jacket.

That is when  Zack or Zaquiel’s adventure begins. He is quickly immersed into a world of Angels, Demons and other unimaginable creatures. But, this was Zack’s life before his memory was taken away from him. He had a job at a museum, a motorcycle, a geek collection of sci-fi collectibles and a live-in girlfriend who is also missing. Did I mention Zack is a supernatural creature himself?

This is a mystery for Zack to unravel along with the reader. As he learns more and more about himself, Zack isn’t sure he’s happy with what he’s finding out and he is forced to make difficult choices. He isn’t always clear where his loyalties lie or who deserves his trust.

Remiel appears to be a close friend and “sibling” to Zack but there are holes in his story that don’t seem right. Add Remy’s ex-wife and Lady of Beasts, along with Remiel’s Transgendered boss and there you have the supernatural powered, attitude ridden, Scooby gang that will have to work together to solve the riddle of Zack’s past.

This story is a fast-paced, roller coaster through a fascinating world. It’s truly entertaining as the characters struggle to get along with one another. Belanger’s characters leap to life as soon as page 1 is turned. The banter between them is realistic and hilarious while, at the same time,   managing to maintain the haunting sense of darkness that exists in their world.

There’s an enjoyable fullness to each of the characters in this novel. You want strong women? You’ve found the right book. You want modern men with a flair for the dramatic? You got it. It’s all here and the truly wonderful thing is that it’s done well.

It’s a scary world that Belanger writes about. There are so many creatures and curses that can take away life and limb; there is a Shadow world just outside our reach that is watching us all the time. It’s eerie and creepy and the perfect book to pick up for Halloween (Or anytime for that matter.)

I’m a hard sell on supernatural books and I thoroughly enjoyed this one. Good thing it’s available today for you to pick up! You won’t regret this choice.

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