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Scary Flicks || Area 407

Area_407_New_Poster_42312The movie: “Area 407” / Original title “Tape 407”

Official Rating: NR

My rating: 6/10

The scoop:

A plane full of people heading home for the holidays crashes. There is a kid on board obsessed with filming everything and that’s exactly what she does while they survivors are… stalked. With no help coming for some strange reason, the passengers begin trying to save themselves only to have repeated run-ins with something very dangerous and … bitey.

Of note?:

– Found footage film. Not good for motion sickness sufferers!
– Well acted for the genre.
– Many new actors! It was a pleasure to see so many faces I’d never seen before with a lot of skill.
– Good use of misdirection and great camera work to hide the lack of special effects.

IMDB tidbits:

A piece of trivia left on the IMDB page claims that the film was filmed in five days and ad-libbed by the cast. That could be why it’s so realistic. Cameras or not I’d probably be terrified to e out in the middle of nowhere thinking something was chasing me, even if I knew what it was!

What did I think?:

I liked it. Some folks might argue that the genre has been done to death but I’d never seen a premise quite like this one.  It doesn’t rely on jump scares and it’s still pretty creepy.  I probably wouldn’t have been happy to pay to see it in the cinema but it’s better, by far, than a lot of movies on Netflix! (Especially in the horror genre)


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