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Scary Flicks || Area 407

The movie: “Area 407” / Original title “Tape 407” Horror/Sci-Fi/Thriller Official Rating: NR My rating: 6/10 The scoop: A plane full of people heading home for the holidays crashes. There is a kid on board obsessed with filming everything and that’s exactly what she does while they survivors are… stalked. With no help coming for some strange … Continue reading

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Hemlock Grove: No Twilight Werewolves In Sight

I was worried when I first sat down to watch “Hemlock Grove”; fearful of finding more sparkling vampires and lame-ass, overly sentimental werewolves.  Of that there is no sign in this made-for-Netflix series. This 13 episode series is based on the book, “Hemlock Grove: A Novel” by Brian McGreevy.  I’ve ordered the book to see how closely the … Continue reading