Michelle Shocked’s Anti Gay Rant Results in Gig Cancellations

Beth at Lilith Fair 1999

Beth at Lilith Fair 1999 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Update, March 21: San Francisco Bay Guardian was able to acquire an audio recording of the comments in question.

March 17, 2013, folk singer Michelle Shocked had a concert at Yoshi’s in San Francisco.  She chose that venue and concert to deliver an anti-gay rant that has many using the descriptive “hate”.  Reports are unclear about exactly what was said at the show – but it did empty out the venue the venue in record time.

“You can go on Twitter and say ‘Michelle Shocked says God hates fags,’” Michelle Shocked said moments before the crowd at Yoshi’s began to leave.   Many of the show-goers took to twitter to air their concerns about Michelle Shocked’s views.  All you have to do to get a taste of how people felt about her declarations is search for the singer’s name on twitter.

Yes, you’re reading this right.  The once Lilith Fair, indie crowd, folk singer, college music performer hates fags.

After a quick visit to the singer’s Facebook page and a few websites, we’ve confirmed that her next 11 booked venues have already cancelled.  We have contacted two of the upcoming festivals that she is still booked to attend but have, as yet, received no comment from them.

Michelle Shocked has only replied with a tweet, simply stating: “Truth is leading to painful confrontation.”

It’s not painful for us.  Good-bye Michelle Shocked.  We might have sung along while we were in University but we no longer support you or your beliefs.

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