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Review: Supernatural, The Official Guide to Season 7

Looking for a last-minute present for the Supernatural fan in your life?  A fan of the show?  Was season 7supernaturals7 your favorite?  Would you like a reason to actually like season 7?  The answer you may be looking for is “Supernatural: The Official Companion, Season 7.”

I didn’t mind Season 7.  It may not have been my favorite but there were some terrific episodes scattered throughout the season.  It’s clear that the book’s author, Nicholas Knight, is a fan of the show.  There’s a lot of care and attention to detail in the Season 7 Companion and a lot of fun stories and trivia.

For instance, did you know that one of the biggest logistical challenges of filming season 7 was the fact that Jared Padalecki needed time off for the birth of his first child?  According to Jim Michaels, the scheduling was called “Operation Moosedrop”.  The production team chose three episodes during the possible time frame of the birth of the littlest Padalecki; times when Jared could be released from shooting!  Who knew that baby-planning was part of producing “Supernatural”?

Did you know that the computer that Frank Devereaux smashed in “Slash Fiction” was a real, working computer?

You will also find out that James Patrick Stuart (Dick Roman) has a house full of Borax because people seem to like giving it to him for some strange reason.

That’s just the beginning – and a small teaser.  I’m willing to bet when you get the book you’ll find yourself on a “Where’s Waldo” hunt for the little grey boxes that contain the cool facts.

The book has a foreword by Dabb & Loflin (“Hunter Heroici”, “There Will Be Blood”, “What’s Up Tiger Mommy”, etc) , one of the writing teams on “Supernatural”.  There’s no shortage of in-jokes!

The rest of the book is split up into some interesting sections: Episodes, Monsters, Meet the crew, The characters.

There is, of course, a section of episode breakdowns.  There are quotes from cast and crew, interesting behind-the-scenes stories, musical notes and much more.  I found quite a few things out that I didn’t know before.  Knight has included some stills from the various episodes – although – truly dedicated “Supernatural” fans may not find many new images.  (Is there any other kind of “Supernatural” fan?)

Each episode breakdown has quotes from Directors, actors and producers.  Whenever possible, Knight has dug up information about locations, quotes from interviews with the actors, or stories about challenges on set.  There’s a lot of work behind this book and it shows.

Scattered throughout the book are the “closer look at” pages.  These pages highlight some of the more memorable monsters from season 7 including: Kitsune, Osiris, Vetala, Chronos, Amazons and Shojos.

Another notable section includes a couple of pages on all the major characters in Season 7.  Jensen Ackles (Dean Winchester) speaks about his second time in the Director’s seat and how he managed to keep “Jensen the actor” separate from “Jensen the director.”

Jared Padalecki (Sam Winchester) speaks about early on in production when he found out about the “Leviathans” and what he thought of them.

Add to the above a 16 page full color spread of photos including cast, props and graphic design and you’ve got a book well worth purchasing.


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