These Boots Were Made for Buying

When I woke up this morning, it was a nippy 41°F (5°C). For many of you out there, this probably isn’t considered cold. For native Floridians like myself, it’s positively frigid. Light the furnace, pile on the blankets. It’s time to drag out my favorite coat and scarf. The best part? I finally get to trade my peep toe pumps for the brand new pair of Ugg boots I splurged on last payday.

There’s no shortage of selection out there when it comes to fall and winter footwear.  Whether your style is bohemian chic, country at heart or city slick, you’re sure to find your perfect pair.  I spent some time today doing a little make believe online shopping.  The result?  A higher credit card bill and 10 great boots for $300.00 or less.  Okay, so the make believe part lasted all of twenty minutes.  What can I say?  My willpower occasionally falters in the face of fantastic shoes.


1. Ugg Australia – Cosima Tall, $300.00

2. Nine West – Pretaport, $179.00

3. SM New York (Sears) – Riley, $39.99

4. Donald J. Pliner (Macy’s) – Tenn, $228.00

5. Bongo (Sears) – Brooke, $59.99

6. Nine West – Fullblast, $199.99

7. Christian Siriano (Payless) – Racquel, $49.99

8. Passports (Wal-Mart) – Elena, $32.00

9. Mia (Sears) – Wilona, $89.99

10. Coconuts (DSW) – Willee, $149.95

Boots are a fantastic cool weather compliment to just about any outfit.  But please, please remember:  Unless you’re trudging across icy, wet ground, traditional wool or sheepskin snow boots should not be considered part of your outfit. And under absolutely no circumstance should they ever be worn with shorts. Seriously. I’m not kidding.

Don’t forget, Black Friday is just a few paydays away.  Happy shopping!

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3 thoughts on “These Boots Were Made for Buying

  1. Looooove boots!!!!! I bought 2 new boots last year and of course it wasn’t a fully cold winter here in Florida so I didn’t get to wear them much. Bleh.
    So…I hope I can wear them more this year!!

  2. I love how sexy it feels walking around in boots. I agree with the article, you should NOT wear them with shorts, it’s not a good look.


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