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“Windsor Drive” & Part of the Team Behind Absinthe Productions

Absinthe Productions is an exciting company and certainly one to watch.  Just like its namesake, Absinthe promises intrigue and a taste of the darker side of life.  A trip to the Production company’s website will give you a good feel for the artistry and mystery behind their offerings.

The latest production from Absinthe is “Windsor Drive”, directed by Natalie Bible’.  It’s a film about River Miller (Played by Canadian born, Tommy O’Reilly).  River a young bi-polar actor struggling to over come his mysterious past.  River moves to Los Angeles ” with the hope of landing the lead role in the remake of a Hollywood classic.”

Judging by the stills from the film it’s going to be a wild ride for River and the cast of characters he encounters.

Two of the women behind Absinthe-Productions took some time to speak with me this week.

Brieanna Steele as Liz Leaf

|| Producer, Brieanna Steele
|| Absinthe Productions

IMP: Will you give me some general information about Absinthe?

BRIEANNA:  Absinthe is an organic spirit that holds a very dark yet interesting reputation known as the Green Fairy. For the last 100 years, artist all over the world have dipped their brushes in the colorful transforming liquid. They have left behind pieces of art that are so captivating & thought-provoking that we will talk about them for years to come. Many of history’s most famous artists Oscar Wilde, Ernest Hemingway, Edgar Allen Poe, Vincent Van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, Johnny Depp & Marilyn Manson, have not only drank Absinthe but have been completely consumed by her artistic portal. I believe that without the “Green Fairy” as their muse some of those art pieces would have never been created.

IMP:  What’s the history of the company?

BRIEANNA:  Absinthe Productions, LLC, was formed in 2010. Principals include Steve DeuPree (Executive Producer), David S. Palmer (Executive Producer), Natalie Bible’ (Writer/Director), and Brieanna Steele (Producer/Actor). Absinthe Productions was created to produce high-quality feature films with a united vision and a cohesive understanding for cinematic values. All members express human and business principles based on integrity, professionalism, and the environment.

IMP:  Why the Eco focus?

BRIEANNA:  Our goal as a company is to provide a path that allows us to create opportunities for young determined artists everywhere. We want to do everything we can to give back in many different ways. It is important to us to not only create films that are entertaining but that are also environmentally sustainable.

Nathalie Bible’

|| Writer/ Director Natalie Bible’
|| Absinthe Productions

IMP:  I’m gonna just put it right out there. You’re young, you’re a woman, you’ve got some strong beliefs – does that make it difficult for you to break into what seems to be a “man’s world” in “Hollywood”?

NATALIE:  This is a difficult industry to break into in general, male or female. Famous filmmaker, Alice Guy Blanche’ once said, “My youth, my inexperience, my sex, all conspire against me.” I can relate to that quote on so many levels.. it’s unfortunate to see that there are only a handful of young female directors really doing big things in Hollywood. I just try to stay focused and work hard to create films that are a true representation of who I am as an artist.

IMP:  Your film company, Absinthe-Productions, has a dark, edgy feel to it. “Windsor Drive” seems no exception to that. Can you talk a bit about the type of vision you have for the art you produce?

NATALIE:  I like to take risks with my work. I feel like you have to if you want to create something that feels truly real. It’s all about provoking thought and emotion. I tend to be drawn to subject matter that is controversial and outside of the box.

IMP:  After reading that one of your favorite films is “Rosemary’s Baby” and seeing “Windsor Drive” is labeled a “supernatural thriller” can fans of the more esoteric horror genre be expecting WD to be a film they’ll enjoy?

NATALIE:  Yes, I think so. The film has a very dark & haunting tone to it, as well as a bizarre claustrophobic aura that flows from the screen from beginning to end.

IMP:  Producing and directing can be pretty challenging. When you take on both roles for a Film, does that make your creative decisions more difficult?

NATALIE:  No, if anything, I think it gives me more freedom creatively. I try to really follow my gut throughout the entire process when it comes to making any decision. If something doesn’t feel right, it’s gone.

IMP:  You write, you produce, you direct, you’re a photographer, and a cinematographer. Are you still exploring all those roles or is there a niche you’re finding yourself most comfortable in?

NATALIE:  I really find comfort in all aspects of being a visual artist, however my heart and soul lies in Directing. It’s something I was born to do and it is a passion that I can’t even begin to describe.

IMP:  How will people be able to see “Windsor Drive” once production is complete?

NATALIE:  At this time we are pursuing a theatrical release for 2013.

IMP:  Your company has a very strong web presence. How does social media and its power work for films like “Windsor Drive”? What can people do to help support the film?

NATALIE:  Social Media is so important. It really gives independent films the visibility they need to gain a larger fan base. Twitter & Facebook have been such great outlets to connect with fans and keep them posted on the progression of the film. People can support the film on the Windsor Drive the Movie Facebook page, twitter, and on the films official website at http://www.windsordrivethemovie.com.

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