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Finally, The Right “Sacrifice” || Supernatural Season Finale

I gave up writing reviews of “Supernatural” a couple of seasons ago. I was feeling too negative about the direction it had taken and didn’t see the point in sharing that with fans, who clearly, still loved it. Makes sense, Right? I never wanted to be one of ‘those’ people. You know the ones; they make inflammatory … Continue reading

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Kim Rhodes – 2012

Kim Rhodes – 2012, a set on Flickr. Here is a gallery of the images I took of my friend Kim while she was onstage at the Supernatural convention in Vancouver. Nice legs ;) Continue reading


Fan Conventions. Supernatural anyone?

Know what’s weird about fan conventions?  Everything.  Yup.  It’s the most bizarre collection of folks.  People come from all over the world and have one thing in common: a mutual love for a TV show. (And let me tell you, that love can range from “never miss the show” to “OMG I’m gonna die when … Continue reading