Place: Kamloops, BC

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Photos: Near Tranquille

Images by C.Kinzie | Kamloops, BC, Canada It’s been a strange winter.  Months of too warm and now a lot of snow.  It doesn’t stop trips up into the hills. Continue reading

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The Most Determined Fish

Every year millions of Salmon struggle to swim up the Adam’s River so they can spawn.  It’s remarkable to see – and that kind of dedication is almost impossible to comprehend.  When you see the river, it’s teaming with bodies and it becomes clear, quickly, that many of the salmon won’t make it. Nature, at … Continue reading

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Tranquille Isn’t What It Used To Be

If you speak to anyone who has lived in Kamloops for a while they can direct you toward “Tranquille farms”. If you ask locals what kind of place “Tranquille” is you will get a variety of answers. Built in the early 1900s, “Tranquille” has had a few incarnations over the years. It was originally called … Continue reading