People’s Choice Awards A Win Win for Supernatural

Tonight was a great night for “Supernatural” fans.  The show won both “Best Science Fiction” and the very first “Best Fan Following”.  Yes, the Supernatural Family pulled it off.  Sadly, there wasn’t a win in the acting category but maybe that’s what happens when you try to get the fans to choose between their two leads?  The two “Supernatural” stars walked in to the awards ceremony near the beginning, accepted the award for sci-fi and then presented the award for favorite band.


Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles had some competition from their wives in the “stunning” department tonight.  Genevieve P. was looking positively “Downton” and Danneel A.’s newly announced baby-bump was sparkling.


Fandom? Congrats – you voted your faves right to the awards show.  Hats off to you!!





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