Wasted On the Young || Film Takes Bullying High Tech

It should be no secret to anyone who is … alive … that social media in 2013 can be just another vehicle for bullying.  There have been some high-profile cases in the media – one in my own province.  Cases about bullying that left the school ground and headed to the internet.

When I was young I was still able to go home at night and get away from the people who called me names.  They couldn’t get into my house in the evening via Facebook or twitter.  There weren’t photos of me with my rude nicknames plastered across the image circulating online.  When I got home – it was done.

Things are different these days.

The film “Wasted On the Young” is not something I would recommend for everyone to watch.  It’s an in-your-face portrayal of how things can go terribly wrong really quickly.

This little-known Australian film should be watched far more often than, I suspect, it is.

Darren, played by Oliver Ackland, has a new step-father and a new step-brother.  He moves into a new home and begins a new school.  The problem is that his brother, Zack (Alex Russell)  is part of that social class that seems, somehow, to defy description.  You know the one; they’re the popular kids.  Nothing sticks to them no matter what they do.  They bully, they don’t care about anyone, they seem to feel as though the world owes them something.

Then Alex decides he wants a girl – Xandrie, played by Adelaide Clemens – but she is interested in Darren. No, it’s not that simple.

At a party at the house, Darren’s popularity allows him to commit a serious crime.  It’s a crime that involves Xandrie.  It’s the pinnacle of bullying.  It is horrific and even though the actual event isn’t shown in detail – it’s all too easy to imagine what is happening.

The fall out is absolutely terrifying.  And that, is what the movie is about.

I’m not sure I know who should watch this movie.  Even though it might be easy to assume the film’s audience is a young one.  The ending slips a little too close to over-the-top which is a shame.  Most of the film is firmly based in a reality that is familiar to many teenagers.  The end takes a step too far.

That being said, this is worth a watch.  If you’ve got teenagers – watch it.  The sad thing is? This film is not that far-fetched. How I wish we didn’t live in that world.

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