Place: Kamloops, BC

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Destination: Cambodia

Charlotte Kinzie / Kamloops, BC In 2005 my husband, Joel, and I traveled to Cambodia. Joel was a seasoned traveler. I had been to a few countries in Europe and on a lot of camping trips in Canada but that was the extent of my experience. I was willing and excited! During our stay in … Continue reading


Photos: Near Tranquille

Images by C.Kinzie | Kamloops, BC, Canada It’s been a strange winter.  Months of too warm and now a lot of snow.  It doesn’t stop trips up into the hills. Continue reading

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Tranquille Isn’t What It Used To Be

If you speak to anyone who has lived in Kamloops for a while they can direct you toward “Tranquille farms”. If you ask locals what kind of place “Tranquille” is you will get a variety of answers. Built in the early 1900s, “Tranquille” has had a few incarnations over the years. It was originally called … Continue reading

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Our Usual Ride

There was bear scat everywhere – but no bear. This is good! Continue reading