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Scary Flicks: The Stranger (2014)

I’m always on the look out for films that take a worn out concept and breathe a little life back into it. “The Stranger” (2014) is a cool film with a great take on Vampires. It’s not really a spoiler. If you’ve ever seen a film, watched a TV show or read a book about vampires you will figure it out in the first few minutes. What makes this film worth viewing is the unique premise. Now that I won’t give away.

The pacing is great, the actors are easy to watch. I was particularly drawn to the character of Peter played by talented newcomer Nicolás Durán.  Durán plays a troubled young teen but he’s pretty atypical. He’s not a complete and utter waste of space and he’s likeable. The young actor does a remarkable job with his character and I find I’m looking forward to his future work.

There are some utterly irredeemable characters – think Joffrey Baratheon in Game of Thrones – they might be played a wee bit over the top but it’s forgiveable and didn’t affect how much I enjoyed the film.

There are some moments of violence that may not appeal to some people but it’s all plot driven and not gratuitous.

If you like Vampire movies? Give this one a try.


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