Stageit: Going Acoustic With Brian Buckley

If you can’t get to a live show but you really want to see what an artist is like when performing live – Stageit is an absolute must.  In short, Stageit allows musicians to put on live streaming video shows for viewers around the world.  A service like this provides some great opportunities on both sides of the stage.  Fans who aren’t able to attend live shows or, perhaps, live in remote areas are able to experience a more intimate performance.  Artists who are performing on Stageit can reach new listeners, experiment with new sound and get instant feedback.  It’s a win win for the music world.

Now, nothing will ever replace the feeling of being present at a live show but I will jump at any opportunity to hear the music of the Brian Buckley Band.  When I found out that Brian Buckley would be doing a solo acoustic show I bought a ticket immediately.

I saw Brian solo at a Supernatural convention; odd venue, large room that Brian took on and won over.  I saw the Band’s first live feed on the Internet from the Viper Room; fantastic sound and almost like being there.  In November, I traveled down to L.A. for the band’s CD release show for “Without Injuring Eternity”; live and crazy at the Viper Room.

Yesterday, I tuned in to see Brian Buckley play his first Stageit show from his home in L.A.


The show was a fantastic experience.  After some juggling with sound equipment we were treated to an inspired performance.  This was Brian’s first show strictly for the internet and he remarked about how strange it was to be playing without the feedback of a live audience.  If you’ve been to a Brian Buckley Band gig then you know that the audience is as much a part of the atmosphere as the band.  This is a band that thrives off the energy and excitement that radiates from a room full of music lovers.  And they give back what they get from the crowd; it’s never disappointing.

In spite of having to “read” the applause and screams (and they were there in the chat window), Brian was his warm, expressive and charming self.  Those tuned in were treated to a selection of songs from all three of the Brian Buckley Band’s albums.  


“Score” and “Spanish Tragedy” (perhaps the best performance of the show) from the CD “For Her” were fantastic.  It’s difficult to even conceive of how songs like these can be amazing  live with the full band and then equally as amazing acoustically.  I get the distinct impression that Brian and the band see these songs, not as static creations, but as pieces that can continue to grow and change.

There was a hard-hitting yet tender rendition of “I Am Human”, many people will have seen the video starring Jared Padalecki (Supernatural) and his wife, Genevieve (Supernatural).  This was the one nod to the band’s second CD, “Hysterical Blindness”.

One of the truly great parts of the show was hearing a few tunes that have yet to appear on any CD’s.  “A Matter of Time” and “Good-bye” were great examples of Brian’s vocal and guitar talent.  I’m hoping they will appear on a release in the future!

For more information on the Brian Buckley Band, visit their website: and watch for more performances with other band members accompanying Brian on their stageit spot.

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