“We Need To Talk About Kevin”: Supernatural Review

We Need to Talk About Kevin
And that’s just the start of the conversation

Yay! Season eight is finally here! So here we are for another year of the adventures of the Winchester Brothers and the monsters that they encounter along the way. So going in this season, I pretty much went blind-I stayed spoiler free, which is a first for me to do. I knew that Dean (Jensen Ackles) was in Purgatory with Cas (Misha Collins) and that was it. In a way it was kinda a nice change; it made me look forward to the start of the season in a way that was different than seasons past.

So the opening with Dean being a human host for goo that turned out to be a vampire was all sorts of strange and I’m not too sure how I feel about this…I doubt he is going to be telling Sam (Jared Padalecki) about his new friend who will I’m sure be in later episodes and this will totally come back and bite Dean (see what I did there) in the butt. Also, this is one year later…so that puts the Supernatural world two years ahead of the rest of us. One for when Sam was in Hell and now one for Dean’s time in Purgatory. Will the writers keep this in mind when talking about what is “happening around us”?

The new opening title card- I really like it! I like that it’s the ‘word of God’ tablet looking and the letters flicker behind the Supernatural name.

Sam seems to have made himself a home-girl to share a bed with and a dog that comes along with it. Pretty heavy stuff for him to be having and leaving them behind without any notice, well that we can see, is a pretty icky thing for him to do to the both of them. I hope somehow that she finds him and reads the riot act.

Ahh brotherly haven’t seen you in a long time bonding Winchester style: going through the “are you a creature” tests. Nothing says ‘I love you, missed you so much’ like getting cut and liquids poured all over you to make you feel all those family stirrings that you might have missed. Dean doesn’t seem to be too happy with Sam not going out and looking for him, and up and quitting the hunting thing while at it. Can’t really blame Sam too much for doing either of those things. Hunting has taken his whole family and support system away and Dean was in a place that doesn’t have an easy to get to door. Sam though really should have looked for and after Kevin (Osric Chau). The poor kid was pulled into this world right out of nowhere and has no one around him that is one of the good guys. Love his voice mails to Sam though…

Going to say that finding the girlfriend was actually a demon wasn’t really a surprise. Dean’s happy noises about finally getting the chance to eat a hamburger made me smile, so did him telling Sam to speak human about how he found Kevin is classic Dean and Sam.

Way to go Kevin being all BAMF with living like a hobo in a church was a nice surprise though. His tricking Crowley was a smart move. There just might be a future for our new prophet  Also why is Wisconsin always the place where the badness seems to think things are? Just a personal observation about my state.

Kevin and Sam’s bonding moment was nice, Sam knows what the kid is going through and I think that Kevin needs a mentor type figure in the hunting world.

On Sam’s memory of the outcome of the dog that he hit, yay that the dog is going to be okay, cause when they first showed that Sam looked as if hitting that dog was the last thing that he could have dealt with. Though the doctor being all ‘don’t you think your responsible’ and ‘if you were such an upstanding guy, you wouldn’t have hit him in the first place.’ Whoa now, it’s not like he saw the dog and swerved and took aim. She does seem like the kind of woman who would be good for Sam to be around. He does seem to attracted to women who are strong-willed.

Classic Crowley. Asking Dean about his angel and complimenting Sam on his ‘pork chops’. Love it.

“A demon is in you and you are at your safety school.” To the point and full of the important things. Good job telling someone what is going on Kevin, way to go. Him surprising Crowley and the minion was a nice touch, though it did give Crowley an excuse, not that he needed one, to kill off the girl. Kevin seems to be made of some pretty strong stuff and is keeping it together fairly well considering all things that are happening around him.

Oh Dean, already lying about phone calls. His vampire friend seems to have made himself quite comfortable wherever he is. I hope Dean knows what he brought back with him. I know that the memory that was shown showed them working together in some sort of bonding way; Dean needing someone around that could help him find Cas and Benny needs a human to get him out of Purgatory. Dean being told by Benny that he wishes he could have appreciated Purgatory more like Dean did is very worrisome. What did Dean do there to survive and what did he give up of himself to do it?

All in all I really enjoyed the season opener. I think that they started out strong and with some good story line beginnings that could make for a pretty good season. Sam and the doctor, along with his story of what went on in the year that he left hunting behind, Kevin the profit with the word of God tablet that holds the information needed to close the gates of Hell and get rid of all demons top side forever, and Dean with his new buddy Benny, the seemingly dead Cas and a whole new bought of crazy going on in his head from dealing with all the horribleness that is Purgatory. Yeah, season eight is going to be interesting.

♦ A. Jennings || Wisconsin


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