Fan Conventions. Supernatural anyone?

Know what’s weird about fan conventions?  Everything.  Yup.  It’s the most bizarre collection of folks.  People come from all over the world and have one thing in common: a mutual love for a TV show. (And let me tell you, that love can range from “never miss the show” to “OMG I’m gonna die when it’s over”)

Joel and I have a unique perspective.  We are friends with an actor who has appeared on “Supernatural”.  We met her through the show – I’m not sure how it happened but I was her first follower on twitter. Kismet? Synchronicity? I dunno.  I clicked “follow” and the rest is history.

Kim and I first met when I asked if I could interview her for an online magazine I was writing for.  She agreed and we met.  Three hours later we were still gabbing.  We went down to Vancouver to see her a couple of times while she was filming, we chat on twitter – you know – the usual.  We became friends.  She’s kind of a super-awesome-amazing friend, but if I wrote that I’d sound juvenile so I won’t.

This past weekend there was a “Supernatural” convention in Vancouver.  I was going long before I met Kim – I can’t let you think otherwise. I am, in fact, a “fangirl”.  I’m not one of the batshit insane ones who sleeps in TV show PJs and is prone to fits of crying when the episode is a re-run.

I like the show.  I like the actors.  I’m particularly fond of one of the actors.  I like the plot – and yes, I’ve written fan fiction.  It’s fun. It’s a hobby.  I even run a community on LJ that’s quite popular.  We started it a couple of years ago so people could have a place to post about everything related to the show in a respectful environment.  (It’s the Psych Major in me. I can’t help it.)

I’ve drifted away from the “fandom” a little but the one thing I haven’t drifted away from are the friends that I’ve met.  Real friends.  People I would do pretty much anything for.  They’re from all over the damn world and the convention is a great place to meet up with them.

I would consider Kim part of that group of friends.

My patient husband came with me this time.  He had a ticket just for the day that Kim was doing her panel.  We weren’t sitting together but it was still fun.  I was tweeting Kim’s ass (phone in back pocket) while she was entertaining everyone.  They loved her 🙂 and I was a proud friend.  I’d put a serious amount of thought into how I was going to beat up 600+ people if they didn’t like her – fortunately – that wasn’t a problem.

At the end of her panel – Kim wished Joel and I a Happy Anniversary and I kind of forgot that we were in a room full of all those “fans”.  It was a wish from a friend to friends.  It was perfect.

Did I have a point? I’m not sure.

“Find a Happy Place!” is my new motto.  Blame Kim and Nemo.

Here. Have this.

Joel, Kim and I ♥

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