It Got Very hot, I had Company & We were crazy

My friend Zea took a bus for 10 hours to come up and visit.  We’ve been friends since photo school and always have a blast together.

Exhibit A: Zea

We were particularly crazy this time and decided to hop in the car and go down to Vancouver for the day.  Yes, drive five hours there and then do our thing and drive five hours back.

Ah…but there was a reason.  Zea is Salvadoran – her Dad makes Pupusas.  There is now a food wagon in Van called “Guanaco” that serves up pupusas.  It’s been on “Supernatural” – the cast and crew is really supportive and I wanted to write about it for the magazine.

We set off early – with one rule – Zea had to keep changing the CD so we didn’t have to listen to the same song twice.  I will NEVER lose the mental image of Zea when a random CD had “Stayin’ Alive” by the Bee Gees on it.  Without hesitation Zea struck a “Saturday Night Fever” pose and I laughed so hard I’m surprised we stayed on the road.

The only casualty on the trip was a … weird blue bear gingerbread er man.  I bit his head off.  Normally, I’m the kind of person who has trouble eating easter candy because I don’t want to “bite the bunnies ears off”.  I’m not sure what came over me.

Exhibit B: What kind of person does this to a bear-mutant-gingerbread cookie?

Once in Vancouver – we found the food truck and drove by it a few times before managing to find parking.  It’s a damn good thing Zea was there because even when I had our location pulled up on my iPhone I was completely lost.  (Zea pointed out I was actually holding my phone upside down … or my map orientation was wrong … or something.) Anyway, we weren’t far and headed over to the truck.

Seriously? Those pupusas are gold.  Gold I tell you.  Filled with beans and super secret cheese and man.  Awesome.  And the Yuca Frita – which is basically deep fried cassava root was delicious.  BTW, don’t try and cook cassava unless you know what you’re doing – one of the by products of cooking it is cyanide.  Yeah. Awesome after dinner snack right there.  It can also cause goiters.

Exhibit C: the food truck aka “OMG that was AWESOME” truck

But I digress.  The cassava from “Guanaco” was lovely.

Then José – the owner of the truck – called and told us to come over to the “Supernatural” set to meet up with him for our interview.  What a sweet guy – so proud of his family and the work they’re doing on the food truck – and obviously loves his job.

He took Zea inside the set.  Yes, ZEA, the person who’s never even heard of “supernatural”.  There’s no justice in the world, I tell ya.  But seriously? Zea is my favorite photographer so I’m glad.  (And she was a fantastic friend and tried to remember what the set looked like even though she wasn’t allowed to take pics of anything.)

We chatted with José a bit more while we sat in the shade and then he had to get back to work.

Zea and I were just resting.  Well, okay, I was resting – Zea was humoring me.  I told her that if she saw a white van pull up it may have cast members in it and to keep an eye out.  One van let out some folks I didn’t recognize – no surprise there.  Two puppies walked by and Zea was completely distracted.  Our conversation went something like this when a second van pulled up…

Zea: Oh look at the cute puppies

Me: Zea take a pic that’s Jensen

Zea: But the puppies (trains camera on dogs)

Me: Zea! Take a pic of that tall guy now!

She got the pic ’cause she’s awesome. And that, ladies and gentleman, is how we managed to randomly photograph Jensen Ackles (Supernatural, Smallville, Dark Angel, etc)

Exhibit D: Mr. Ackles – or “That tall guy”

Then we drove home and sang and talked and laughed and it was good.

We went to the farmer’s market the next day but it was smokin’ hot so we ended up at the lake.  A much better choice.

The end.


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