Braving the Rain

We had a lot on our minds this morning.  Rather than sitting at home and thinking about everything we decided to head out on our bikes.  Normally, that wouldn’t be strange – today it was a little crazy.  It’s been pouring most of the day.  As I sit here on the couch it’s a pretty torrential downpour.

The rain started as soon as we got our bikes unloaded.  It was pretty funny.  We ran into a bit of a snag in the way of a flooded pathway too.  Okay.  We didn’t “randomly” run into it.  We knew that the river was very high and did sneak past the “closed” sign.  You only live once, after all.

Joel rode through it. It only came up to his thighs while he was on his bike. I told him I didn’t want to get my poor bike all wet so if he would come back and carry the bike across I would walk through. He tried to warn me that the water would come up to my waist – but for some reason I was stuck on the fact that I had watched him ride through it and it only covered his legs.

So – I got my way and Joel hoisted my bike up and off he went. he was completely right. The water was almost up to my waist.

Surprisingly, it wasn’t all that cold. We were greeted on the other side by some of the Kamloops city tourist ambassadors. They looked a little confused, like maybe they thought they should tell us not to be doing that but realized you can’t really tell people not to wade through water. heheh.

We continued our ride and I conquered another hill.  I’m definitely building up some strength in my legs so that’s great.  This time it was Joel who decided we needed to turn back after six km.  He was frozen.  I must admit it was pretty chilly.

The crazy thing is we had fun.  We spent most of the ride laughing.  It was good.

Joel rocks and he’s pretty pleased he’s got the kind of wife who will join him in a wade up to the waist in river water, in the rain.

P.S. As my friends have pointed out – even though it looks like Joel has no pants on; he’s not quite THAT much of an adventurer.  He’s wearing shorts.


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