Catching Up With Brian Buckley

I had a chance to speak with Brian Buckley of the Brian Buckley band this week.  The magazine is doing an article about fans – and Brian was glad to speak to us. The band is serious about their appreciation for their fans, and about as dedicated to their art as anyone can be.    Watch for Jennifer’s article next week on “Supernatural” fans and find out what Brian had to say.

While I had him on the phone I took the opportunity to get a bit of news about the band.  Brian, Dan Bodeman, Mike McGraw & Albert Estiamba, Jr have been hard at work for the past while.

You may have noticed that the band members have embraced social media – and if you’re following all of them – you can often read tweets about the fun they have while in the studio; how much they look forward to it and how damn lucky they are to live the lives they live.

That’s the kind of thing that makes music well-worth listening to; when people love doing it.

I asked Brian about tweeting, social media – and, in particular, live streaming their shows online and how it was working out for them.

Brian: Yeah, the internet! God Bless it! The Live stream has done us wonders.  We have people in different countries listening to us and, you guys, thank you very much for doing that – it’s so nice to be able to connect with those people – give them an experience we can’t otherwise.

We’re not at the stage where we can go to a theater in Australia – we’re not at that point yet.  It’s lovely to be able to connect with those people simultaneously while playing a live show in a place that we ARE ready to play.  House of Blues, Viper Room, that sort of thing.  It’s been a wonderful support to us.

And what are they going to be up to in 2012? In short … a hell of a lot and it starts this weekend at the Supernatural Convention in Nashville.

Brian:  Yeah we’re doing a few shows around it.  A record store and then we’re doing a live streaming thing.  It’s a website and we’re gonna post it once everything is all confirmed but that will be a few days after.

Now, I tried to get details about what the band is up to in the studio but Brian is keeping most of it a secret.  He did give me a few tidbits to pass on.

Brian:  We’re writing for a film that’s kind of a big thing for us.  We’re really excited about that.  And, we’ve just been little studio rats.  And then, I will tell you, and I think Jared and I let it out of the bag before but we’re gonna do a music video with him  And then we’re on the road pretty much all summer. The stuff in the studio is really exciting.  Hopefully the songs that they don’t choose for the soundtrack we’ll release on a separate album.  We’re incredibly excited.

Yes! The Brian Buckley Band is going to be out and about this coming summer.  They’re still sorting out some commitments but it’s looking as though they’re going to try and hit both coasts.  And there is another CD lurking around – cross your fingers for a release on this one – it’s older material but sounds as though fans will love it.

Brian in Vancouver | C.Kinzie, Affairs Magazine

2012 sounds like it could be a great year for the band.   If you haven’t listened to them yet check out their website for more information:


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