Jared Padalecki: Some Quiet Time

At the Creation Salute to Supernatural Convention I was lucky enough to attend the meet and greet session with Jared Padalecki.

One small room, twenty people, Jared Padalecki, two security guards and one convention staff person equals one meet and greet.  The great thing about the meet and greet atmosphere is that it’s quieter.  There’s no screaming, no clapping and yelling – it actually felt more like an informal chat than anything structured.

The first thing I learned was that Jared doesn’t enter a room, the kind of bursts into it.  That man has more energy than anyone I’ve ever seen.  Nodding to a few fans he must have met before, Jared just launched right into talking about the fact that he sweated all the way through the breakfast panel.
The half an hour we spent with Jared was much more chatting than it was a typical Q & A and seemed well suited to Padalecki’s style.  He covered a lot of topics, filming on the new episode and how he doesn’t actually watch most of his work.  He’s seen episodes like “The French Mistake” that were special or stood out – but for the others, he waits until he’s forgotten the “process” of filming them.

Jared was excited as he spoke about the anime that has just been released.  The process of laying down the voice tracks was tricky; Jared had to fit his lines to the lip movements of the characters on screen – sometimes without even being able to see the anime character’s faces.  Tricky.  Jared made a point of mentioning that his co-star – Jensen Ackles- hopes to do the voice work on any future seasons of the Anime version of “Supernatural”.  It seems they’d been unsure if they’d all have time to do it –but now they know it’s possible! That’s good news for fans of the show who were a little disappointed that Ackles was only voicing Dean Winchester on the final two episodes of the Anime series.

Leaping off his chair in the middle of the Q & A, Jared showed us a video on his iPhone of the anime versions of Sam and Dean running in a clip. Laughing as he tried to make sure everyone could see the video he suddenly turned the phone and cranked the volume up.   “This is the best part,” he said with a huge grin on his face and then shushed everyone until Genevieve could be heard giggling as she took the video.

A fan asked if Genevieve would be attending conventions soon and Jared answered that yes, she would sure like to.  Apparently, the Padaleckis have recently bought a new house well, an “old” new house and Genevieve is in L.A. taking care of a lot of the repairs.  Jared seemed to feel bad about not being there although he joked that he really didn’t know how to do much of that kind of stuff.

Jared made an effort to speak with everyone in the room and everyone seemed to enjoy it.  Twenty fans who would have a lasting memory of a pretty down to earth guy.

all photos ©C.Kinzie, Affairs Magazine

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